Join the Ranks and Power Ups

Why Join (Subscribe)?

As an official member of the Starship Disaster and the NSRF you will be given rewards for every month that you are part of the ranks. 

There are three levels of membership:

Tier 1: $4.99

Tier 2: $9.99

Tier 3. $24.99

Each level of membership grants you the usage of emotes. You are also able to play special games made for members of the NSRF. This includes a Villian HQ Heist and a Word Hunt.

Power Ups (Donations)

Power Up and keep the stream going. Donations will be tallied up and when you hit certain mile marks, you will get the following benefits:

$100 - A special !command will be made for you to announce your arrival on the starship. You can try !lewna to check it out. 

$150 - A music clip will be added to your command!

I will come up with more when we hit those marks!

Donations Vs Subscribing (Twitch)

Twitch takes a 50% commission on all subscriptions that are made through their site. Donations benefit streamers more because they get 100% of the donation amount. Bits on Twitch are also given to the streamer at 100%, while Twitch makes its profit at the point of sale. 

Donations, Bits and Subs are never required but much appreciated and go toward the stream!

Where do I Join/Power Up?

If you want to do a donation, you can do it through my StreamLabs page at

If you are a stream follower on Twitch, you can subscribe through the Twitch site at

When I start streaming on YouTube, I will update this part with more info!