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Mission Requests

Types of Missions

While I am usually open to playing most games at least once, I can't promise that I will agree to playing all. The games I like to play the most are hack and slash, fps, rpg and puzzle games. 

Mission Availability

One part of playing together is making sure we have the same games. If you have a game in mind, send me a email through the contact form and be sure to put the title in there. If I have it, I am more than likely more willing to play it with you than if I don't. It's gotta be really something interesting to me if I am going to buy it. If you have an extra game key you want to give, then problem solved!

Time Schedule

My time can be pretty restricted. If we set up a time, please do not bail out on me. Things happen and times can be rescheduled but please communicate any cancellations ahead of time. 

The Rules

These play sessions will either be recorded or streamed. Keep in mind the user agreements that have to be followed with YouTube or Twitch. You also have to agree to my posting these and that you will be on the videos. 

I might not end up using the whole game session and just use clips. I might put them together in a montage. 

There is also a chance that I will decide to not post the video. It all depends on what goes down. 

If you plan on recording or streaming as well, please be sure to let me know ahead of time. 

Kay? Thanks!