Games Titles I Play

EA Games

When i am in an chill out don't want to think mood, I will plays Sims 3 or 4. IDKW, but I have both installed on my pc....Lol. I guess because each one has different expansion packs? 


This is a game I used to play all the time when it was back in it's starting days. Now, I play when I am in the mood for a card game but I can definitely say it is not intense playing. I should probably update my decks and play some more!


One of my favorite games, by far. I play this when I am in a non-thinking mood and feel like some good ole hack and slashing. I usually go back at the start of each season too. I just never get tired of this game!


I love Overwatch...but I am by no means a pro, nor do i try to be. I love the gameplay and it's challenging enough but not frustrating for me. Soldier 76 is by far my fav. character to play!


Little by little I will be improving my gameplay on this. It becomes difficult sometimes because there are so many good players out there. Either way, I enjoy playing this game.


AIMLAB is the new Aim Hero, which I play as well. Both have their good points but overall I think I like this one the best. It's still in early access, but I look forward to seeing more stuff being added over time!