Donations /Subscriptions

Why Donate?

Donations do a variety of things. It shows your love and support to the creator, it helps compensate for the vast amount of time and energy they put into creating the videos you see, and it helps pay for things they need to keep the channels going. 

What will you do with my donations?

Donations will go towards the upgrade of equipment, like better cameras and pc components. Money will also be invested in new as well as upcoming games. I will strive to always give you the best that I can. 

Donations Vs Subscribing (Twitch)

When you subscribe on Twitch, the company takes half of the $5 subscription as their fee. By donating, you give the money directly to your favorite creators. if you have Amazon Prime, be sure to use your free twitch subscription! It costs you nothing since it is included with Twitch Prime and helps support your favorite me! Mwah!

What do I get for donating/subscribing?

Once there is a good enough donation and subscriber base, I will start hosting special events, like live chats, one on one q&a's, video game events and more!

Where do I donate/subscribe?

If you want to do a donation, you can do it through my StreamLabs page at

If you are a stream follower on Twitch, you can subscribe through the Twitch site at

When I start streaming on YouTube, I will update this part with more info!