About Me

GEO Info

I was born in Miami, Florida. My parents moved when I was about two.  With a few bounce arounds after that, my parents landed in Denver, Co and here I have been ever since. Denver is HOME and always will be. :)


I am a law enforcement /emergency type dispatcher. Other than that, I can't give much more detail. So while gamers act like dispatchers in games, I get to do it in real life. :P  "I'm sorry, you're code.....What?!"

Every now and then I also accept commissions for my artwork. You can view my art at www.lewna.com


I remember sitting around and watching my dad and my brother playing FF8.I think I watched them play it a couple of times through before I finally sat down and played it for myself. It was the first game I played that took HOURS to complete. Before that, I would play games that didn't require that much dedication. Since then, I played games on and off through the years. It wasn't until recently where I have actually taken time to dedicate myself to it. Welcome to the Geekdom....all over again. :D

PC Vs Console

I play on both! I grew up playing mostly console but recently have spent most of my time gaming on my pc. I have a PSP, PS2, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360.

As of right now I do not have a video capture for the console but will in the future. 

PC Specs

Not that great, but not that bad either. This has been my first gaming pc and I will be working on upgrading it as time goes by.

GeForce GTX 970

AMD FX 8350 8 Core Processor, 4000GHz

8 GB Ram

Windows 10 - 64 Bit

Online Communities

For now, I mostly stick to Steam and Blizzard. 

I also have TeamSpeak and Discord on my pc for use during gameplay, depending on who I am playing with.